Meet Tim Sini

Suffolk County District Attorney

Tim Sini has spent his career earning the experience we need to protect Suffolk County. As a federal prosecutor, Tim prosecuted drug dealers, gang members and murderers. As Suffolk Police Commissioner he went to war against MS-13, drug dealers and human traffickers. As District Attorney, he reformed the Office, brought the largest ever MS-13 takedown in history, held criminals accountable and continues to decrease crime to the lowest level in recorded history.

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tim’s mission

To make the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office a national model, to serve justice in each and every case, and to make Suffolk County as safe as possible to live, work and raise a family.

About Tim

A Life in Suffolk County

Tim Sini was elected Suffolk County District Attorney in 2017. Prior to serving as District Attorney, Tim served as the Suffolk County Police Commissioner and as a federal prosecutor. A native Long Islander, Tim met his wife Amanda at the age of 13 in Suffolk County and they are now raising their three children here. Suffolk County is his home, which is why he tirelessly fights to keep the residents of our county safe.

Taking over the Suffolk County Police Department on the heels of a major scandal, Tim reformed the department to restore accountability and better go after dangerous criminals. After the previous District Attorney was arrested for obstruction of justice, Tim was elected DA, where he reformed the District Attorney’s office to ensure the Office seeks justice in each and every case. As District Attorney, Tim will continue fighting to make Suffolk County a more just and safe place to live work and raise a family.

Tim Sini and his wife, carrying their daughter in her arms.
Tim Sini with a veteran.
Tim Sini at a table, talking with three women.
Tim Sini with his wife and three children.

Experience That Matters

Tim’s Successes

Tim has used his experience to deliver on his promises, but he isn’t finished yet. No matter what the challenge is, Tim will fight for justice on our behalf.


Elected as District Attorney

Tim was elected as DA in November 2017 to use his experience to reduce crime and restore integrity to the Office.


Reforming the Office

Upon taking office, Tim did a top-to-bottom assessment, implemented new policies, procedures and technologies, and recruited top talent.


Holding Drug Dealers Accountable

Tim became the first DA in New York state to successfully bring manslaughter charges against drug dealers who are causing overdoses in our community.


Taking Aim at Human Trafficking

Under Tim's leadership, the DA's office has employed a multi-pronged strategy that prosecutes traffickers while connecting victims with necessary services.


Empaneled Grand Jury to Investigate Environmental Crimes

Tim brought the largest ever illegal dumping case in NY history and convened a special grand jury to study the issue, which increased penalties for polluters.


Takedown of MS-13

After a two-year wiretap investigation, Tim brought the largest MS-13 case in US history, indicting over 96 MS-13 gang members and associates in Suffolk County and sharing intelligence with law enforcement agencies around the world, which resulted in over 200 arrests worldwide.


Exonerated a Man for Murder He Did Not Commit

Tim created the county's first Conviction Integrity Bureau to investigate past convictions and correct injustices of the past. The Bureau investigated and exonerated a man who spent 33 years in prison for a murder he did not commit.


Helped Pass Generational Environmental Crime Legislation

Based on recommendations from Tim's special grand jury report, the NYS legislature passed legislation to make illegal dumping a felony.


Launch of Hate Crimes Task Force

In 2021, Tim started a team of specially trained prosecutors to investigate cases of suspected bias-motivated incidents.


Massive Dog Fighting Ring Takedown

In order to combat animal cruelty, Tim led a massive investigation into a region-wide dog fighting network, rescuing 89 dogs from being tortured, and charging ten defendants.

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Tim’s Priorities

Confronting the Public Safety Challenges of Our Time

Protecting Suffolk

As an experienced federal prosecutor, Police Commissioner and District Attorney, Tim fights every day for the safety of Suffolk County’s residents.

Criminal Justice Reform

Tim’s taken on corruption in our community, whether in government, labor or business, because no one is above the law in Suffolk County

Support Tim's Mission

Tim can't do it alone—confronting today's public safety challenges would be impossible without the support of people like you.

Tim Sini speaking to a crowd of people.