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Honoring Andrew McMorris

Tim Sini with the McMorris family.

I’d like to take a quick moment to discuss one of the most heartbreaking cases I have had to prosecute in my time in the District Attorney’s office.

It was 33 months ago when a drunk driver took the life of Andrew McMorris, a 12 year old boy scout out on a hike with his troop. It was nearly a year ago when we sent his killer to prison for the maximum allowable time. And today the scouts dedicate this remarkable scouting lodge to Andrew.

I was honored to join the McMorris family and friends at a ceremony today to dedicate the McMorris Lodge. It was a beautiful tribute: Andrew had a true passion for life, especially scouting.

Thank you to the McMorris family for their continued strength, courage, and leadership. We love you.

RIP Andrew.