Protecting Suffolk

Update on Stabbed Police Officer

Dr. James Vosswinkle, Officer Racioppo's fiancé Brittany, Officer Racioppo, Tim Sini, and PBA President Noel DiGerolamo.

One of the most chilling cases to come across my office this year has been the stabbing and near-death of Suffolk County Police Officer Christopher Racioppo.

In April, Officer Racioppo was stabbed while pursuing a suspect who had caused a motor vehicle crash while under the influence of drugs in Patchogue. Thanks to the heroic work of other officers and nearby good samaritans, who helped stanch the bleeding at the scene and rushed him to the hospital, Officer Racioppo is on the route to recovery.

Recently, I had the pleasure to see Officer Racioppo, and it was great to see him doing so well as he recovers.

From left to right in the photo are Dr. James Vosswinkle, the surgeon who saved his life, Officer Racioppo’s fiancé Brittany, Officer Racioppo, myself and PBA President Noel DiGerolamo. Officer Racioppo was in good spirits and it was an honor to see him.

As District Attorney, I am going to do everything in my power to hold his assailant accountable. It is your support that makes it possible for me to do this incredible work.