The Suffolk Count District Attorney’s Office is investigating whether the presence of a deadly mixture of fentanyl-laced cocaine is responsible for causing recent overdoses in Suffolk County. In advance of the holiday weekend, we are issuing a critically important “buyer beware” notice: If you use cocaine, you are playing Russian roulette with your life.

Law enforcement in Troy, New York, reported that they are investigating 19 overdoses, 3 of which were fatal, that occurred in less than 48 hours earlier this week involving fentanyl-laced cocaine, and additional overdoses in the surrounding areas upstate are also being investigated for any links to the mixture. Here in Suffolk County, we had three overdoses in the Riverhead area this week, one of which was fatal, that all appear to be connected to cocaine use, which has heightened our concern that this deadly drug cocktail could be on our streets.

We know that the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a shortage of the supply of cocaine in our area. As a result, dealers may be deceiving their customers and selling a combination of cocaine and fentanyl, which is cheaper and more readily available. Preliminary statistics have shown a 16% increase in overdoses year-to-date as compared to 2019 in Suffolk County, so we are already seeing an increase, and we do not want to lose even more lives to this poison.

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