Tim’s Mission

Tim’s mission is to make the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office a national model, to serve justice in each and every case and to make Suffolk County as safe as possible to live, work and raise a family.

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Tim’s Journey to District Attorney

Tim has a long history of serving Suffolk County. After years of convicting gang members and murderers as a federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York, Tim decided to bring his lifelong commitment to public service back home to Suffolk County. In 2015, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone recruited Tim to take over the Suffolk County Police Department and reform it on the heels of its largest scandal in history. Tim was sworn in as Police Commissioner and set out to rebuild the department, restoring integrity to the leadership, increasing accountability and implementing 21st century policing strategies to dismantle the gang MS-13 and better protect the residents of Suffolk County.


Going Where Reform Was Needed

During his tenure as Police Commissioner, it became clear to Police Commissioner Sini that in order to truly reform the Suffolk County Criminal Justice System and protect the residents of Suffolk County, the reforms could not stop with his work in the Police Department. The District Attorney’s Office needed to be reformed too. In 2017, when the former Suffolk County District Attorney and his top aide were federally indicted on corruption charges, Tim ran for District Attorney on a platform of reform and was elected in a landslide by the people of Suffolk County—Tim set out, yet again, to restore integrity to the leadership of the office, and use his experience and track record of successfully managing Suffolk Law Enforcement Agencies to reform the DA’s office to better protect the people of Suffolk County and hold criminals accountable.

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Going Beyond District Attorney

Working as Suffolk County’s District Attorney means more than just prosecuting cases. Tim’s successes have led him to be recognized both locally and nationally in a number of different roles that work to help keep Suffolk safe. Tim currently holds, and has formally held, the following positions, among others.

  • Suffolk County Police Commissioner
  • Suffolk Assistant Deputy County Executive for Public Safety
  • White House Appointee to the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force, under both Democratic and Republican Presidents
  • Member of the FBI National Executive Institute Associates
  • Expert Witness in front of United States Senate and House of Representatives Committees on MS-13
  • Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York
  • Federal Judicial Law Clerk
  • Expert Witness: Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice
  • Chairman of the Suffolk County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
  • Member of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms National Crime Gun Intelligence Governing Board
  • Member of International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Member of the East Coast Gang Investigators Association
  • Board of Director at New York State District Attorney’s Association
  • Member of the Suffolk County Police Reform Task Force
  • Member of the Suffolk County Addiction Prevention and Support Advisory Panel
  • Member of Suffolk County Anti-Trafficking Initiative
  • Member New York State District Attorney’s League of Immigrant Affairs

Reforming the Office

From his very first day in office, Tim set out to completely overhaul the District Attorney’s office, its personnel, policies, procedures and every aspect of its operation and structure.

A Top-to-Bottom Assessment

After taking office, Tim did a massive top-to-bottom assessment of the Office. Tim interviewed every Assistant District Attorney in the office, and asked them to make recommendations for improvement. He recruited top talent from other DA’s offices, Federal Prosecutors, a diverse group of law schools, and private sector attorneys, and he revamped training procedures to ensure the office has the highest level of talent and best prosecutors possible. He also rebuilt the entire management structure in the office to oversee each case and modernized the office by digitizing all case files.

A New Culture of Compliance

As District Attorney, Tim is committed to establishing a new culture of compliance and ethics. At the beginning of his new administration, he implemented the most progressive voluntary disclosure policy in the state, and required all ADAs to file financial disclosure forms to ensure impartiality and avoid conflicts of interest.

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A National Model

Making the Office a National Model

Tim’s mission is to make the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office a national model in the way it delivers justice and takes on the public safety challenges of our time.

Taking Down MS-13

After implementing the largest MS-13 crackdown in Suffolk’s history as our Police Commissioner, as District Attorney, Tim led a multi-year international investigation that culminated in the largest takedown of MS-13 in history.



Indicted in Suffolk





Murder Plots

Prevented in Real-Time

Prosecuting Drug Traffickers

Tim has been a national leader on combatting the opioid epidemic here in Suffolk County. Tim knows we have to take a nuanced approach to the public safety challenges of our time, which is why he has created a spectrum of diversion programs for non-violent offenders suffering from addiction to get them access to treatment. At the same time, Tim also believes it is his duty to use the full weight and power of the criminal justice system to hold drug traffickers and drug dealers who petal poison in our communities accountable.

Over the course of 2019 and 2020, Tim’s aggressive targeting of drug traffickers in Suffolk County resulted in Suffolk County leading the country in Narcotics Wiretap Investigations.


Narcotics Search

Warrants Issued





Major Drug



Protecting Suffolk’s Clean Water

In 2018, Tim led “Operation Pay Dirt,” the largest illegal dumping investigation in New York State history.










Busting Human Trafficking Rings

Tim has employed a nuanced approach to human trafficking as District Attorney, treating victims of human trafficking as true victims, while using the full weight and power of his office to hold Traffickers accountable for their crimes.


Human Trafficking

Prosecutions since 2018





Advocating for Public Safety Laws

In addition to Tim’s work to seek justice in each and every case, Tim knows keeping Suffolk County safe requires advocating for better public safety laws too.

Opposing Bail Reform

Tim has always opposed bail reform because it makes us less safe. When bail reform was proposed by state lawmakers, Tim advocated against it, including taking trips to Albany to meet with Senators and Assembly-members, writing op-eds in Newsday and rallying support in the community. Tim successfully advocated for certain offenses to be bail-eligible under the new law, including murder conspiracy, that were originally not going to be eligible. Tim continues to oppose bail reform and continues to advocate for improvements to our public safety laws.

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